Industry Transformation

The goal of the Foundation’s Industry Transformation initiative is to drive the transformation of tobacco companies for the benefit of public health, which is at the core of the Foundation’s mission to achieve a smoke-free world within this generation. The initiative’s Tobacco Transformation Index™ ranks the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies on their relative progress toward harm reduction, providing objective data on whether companies are transforming their core business to accelerate the reduction of harm caused by tobacco use.

The results of the first Index were published in September 2020. In preparation for production of the second Index in 2022, several advancements occurred:

The Patent Landscape Report

The Patent Landscape Report presents an overview of the patent landscape for tobacco harm reduction technologies based on analysis of patent publications data associated with the ten-year period from 2010 to 2020. One of the report conclusions is that there is a wide gap in intellectual property activities between developed and developing countries.

The Global Trends in Nicotine Report

The Global Trends in Nicotine report is the third in a series of reports identifying the major players in nicotine delivery, outlining their product organization and geographic focus and quantifying their relative output. The 2021 edition updates the record, finding that cigarettes remain the primary nicotine delivery mechanism. Production is dominated by the large global tobacco companies and, in some cases, the regional and/or state-owned tobacco companies. Nevertheless, the underlying dynamics are in flux due to technological innovation, notably in heated tobacco and vaping products.

The Tobacco Transformation Index

The Tobacco Transformation Index website was enhanced to maximize engagement and The website now features updated dashboards for companies and countries, detailed breakouts of key findings, a company comparison matrix, and other helpful resources.