Looking Ahead

The Foundation will continue to build on its work in the same three broad categories in which we have worked since our inception (i.e., health and science research, industry transformation, and agricultural diversification in Malawi). Here are a few grant projects and charitable activities planned in 2022.

Health and Science Research

Advance activity of research partners around smoking cessation, tobacco harm reduction (THR), and capacity building, including the replication of findings generated by studies on e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products through inter-laboratory study on THR at multiple academic institutions; and international randomized switching trials to investigate changes in health factors associated with diabetic smokers and oral health.

Conduct research on physicians regarding their knowledge, awareness, and practices related to smoking cessation and THR. We will use the insights to engage and educate doctors on playing leadership roles to end smoking, and deliver training on smoking cessation and THR to medical professionals in mental health settings.

Assess misinformation in health care research, explore approaches to mitigate the spread of misinformation, and develop interventions and support networks to counter misinformation about nicotine. This effort will include analysis of common methodological flaws in the highest cited e-cigarette epidemiology research; correlation, causation, and selection bias in research of e-cigarettes and smoking; and the next edition of the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) report in 2022.

Address economic and regulatory policies to enhance the dissemination of information and knowledge regarding the economics of ending the smoking epidemic. Conduct economic study of risk perceptions and consumer demand for harm reduction products, including discrete choice modeling of cigarette, e-cigarette, and quit decisions in multiple countries.

Agricultural Diversification

Advance the Centre for Agricultural Transformation in Malawi focused on introducing science, technology, and innovation; supporting business incubation and commercialization programs; and enhancing adoption of improved agricultural practices.

Implement policy agenda for the transformation of agriculture in Malawi in collaboration with key stakeholders including government, private sector, academic, and agricultural research institutions.

Improve human capacity development within tertiary education systems, including increased scientific and analytical capacity.

Engage donors and charitable sources with interest in related programming to identify common objectives and create co-funding opportunities resulting in pilot, annual, and multi-year arrangements.

Industry Transformation

Release the 2022 Tobacco Transformation Index, ensuring it addresses stakeholders’ needs and the changing landscape of tobacco and tobacco cessation. A series of new research and reports that describe the development of the Index and advance its evolution will be released throughout the year leading up to its launch.